Corona: Does this crisis actually have positive aspects?

I was recently asked this question by communications strategist Dr. Martina Klug against the background of the sudden and, for most of us, drastic economic restrictions and initial limitations.Titelseite-Corona

My answer: “It seems that forces have been awakened in our society that seemed to have almost become paralysed. It is wonderful how quickly and efficiently we and our politicians have taken Corona countermeasures. In this crisis, it also becomes clear what did not work well anyway: both in families and in companies. In this way, everyone is compelled to get an indication as to which issues could be better addressed in the future. With all this, however, we can now also see how well we are all doing otherwise.

You can also read here what colleagues have replied to this.
What is your opinion?


Addendum of 5.5.2020:

I forgot to mention that the catering, travel and tourism industry had no chance of not suffering enormously. I also did not mention the difficulties for those who need childcare. Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who was there for us anyway: all the employees in the supermarkets, the logistics companies, the recycling yards, the health authorities, nursing homes, etc. and above all doctors, medical assistants and nurses. Thank you!


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